What's happening at Yuk Yuk's on Tour?

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    Yuk Yuk's Live Comedy May 5- 6

    7:00 PM

    Keith Sarnoski & Welby Santos May 5-6
    Doors at 7:00 PM
    Show at 8:00 PM


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    Keith "Robot" Sarnoski

    A rising comedic talent, Keith Sarnoski has made a big splash in a short amount of time on the comedy scene in Alberta. Born and bred in oil town Edmonton, Keith's blue collar background and ambitious nature have propelled him to touring all over Western Canada in just two short years.Driven by visions of grandeur, Keith hopes he actually has the talent to become wildly successful, instead of schizophrenic or delusional like all the losers on reality T.V. shows.

    Many people wonder where such determination and focus comes from, the answer to which Keith will not tell us. Most experts on the matter suggest probably from magic rocks or enchanted fossils possibly dug from Drumheller childhood school trips. Whatever the source, the public stands to benefit from Keith's interpretation of working life, relationships, and all the problems in this world as he connects with people of all ages and backgrounds. His optimistic perspective will leave you laughing and thinking, and if you are lucky, laugh-thinking.

    Be sure to see Keith live at Bailey's Pub on May 5 - 6, 2017.


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    Welby Santos

    Welby Santos first began doing stand-up comedy in his hometown of Edmonton. The source material for his act has included his Traditional Catholic upbringing as well as his experiences as a 1st generation Canadian raised by traditional Filipino parents. Relationships and his other experiences in life have also found their way into his act. His act has been described as very subtle with hard hitting punch lines and social overtones. He is constantly uses pop-culture references in his material with a darkly comic twist. Adaptability and diversification are two traits he is well known for. His ability to adjust his act to various audience preferences almost instantly is something that has made him very memorable. Since then he has toured extensively across North America. Most recent accomplishments being the opening act on the Russell Peters tour. Also he has appeared on Halifax Comedy Festival for CBC Television.  As well as a featured performance at the Asian Show of the Orange County Comedy Festival. A headlining week at the renowned Comedy Nest in Montreal is also another highlight. Television credits include the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival, and the series finale of ELVIRA Kurt’s ADVENTURES in COMEDY. He has also been making inroads in the United States and has been performing at comedy clubs in the Los Angeles.   He is also a regular performer at various venues all across the country.    


    Be sure to buy tickets to the show at Bailey's Pub  May 5 - 6 and See Welby live.

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